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Measuring Tools and Lab Instruments for Industrial and Educational Needs

METERDI Particle Counter 9100
New Age Technology

Whether you make, sell, or distribute industrial measuring tools, lab products, or weighing balances, Dhanbad Instruments can help you find the best solution for your needs and make it easy to use. We know that every business process and the set of needs for an industrial process are different. Don't let technology stop you from doing what you're good at.

We've been developing, making, putting into use, and selling industrial production tools and testing instruments for more than 10 years. Our solutions give you 100% accurate data and make it easier than ever to make your manufacturing processes more efficient. This cuts costs and increases profits by making management, measuring, and testing easier to control.


At Dhanbad Instruments, we guarantee that the measuring instruments in laboratory we send out are of good quality and are set up correctly. The best way to improve your manufacturing processes is to use our specialised tools for industrial measurement, lab equipment, and ITI tools. Dhanbad Instruments has everything you need for technology and industrial measurement, from sensors to amplifiers.


Our knowledge helps you get the most out of your production process, from measuring technology to consultation, installation, and training.

Why choose us?


When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefit of 10 years’ experience of selling measuring tools.


We choose our best delivery partner for quick and early delivery with proper handling.


Our prices are competitive, economical  and fair. There are no surprise or hidden charges.


Our experienced and technically sound support team with help you to choose your product.


We also sell  and give support for our products on Government