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In test and measurement technology, a spectrophotometer is a versatile device that can be used to make various measurements in lots of different areas of color analysis. The different wavelengths of light form a spectrum that we view as spectral colors. Everything that is perceived by the human eye lies within the wave range of 400 … 700 nm and is called the visual spectrum. However, the complete light spectrum is much wider and not perceivable by the human eye. This spectrum is called the UV spectrum.

Spectrophotometer PCE-XXM 20
Color measurement of surfaces / Color meter according to Lab standard / Measurement of ΔE / Bluetooth & USB color transmission / For all surfaces / Easy handling
Spectrophotometer PCE-CSM 8
PC software included / Li-ion battery / different colour spaces / black and white calibration
determination of reference values and samples / white calibration / 3.5" touch screen
Spectrophotometer PCE-CSM 20
High-quality spectrophotometer /
Powerful lithium-ion battery / Single or average value measurement /
Evaluation via software / 4 color LED as light source
Spectrophotometer PCE-CSM 21
High-quality spectrophotometer /
Custom aperture size / Pass or Fail delta display /
Evaluation via SW over Bluetooth or USB / 9-color LED as light source
Spectrophotometer PCE-CSM 30
High quality processing table spectrometer / Touchscreen /
Simple user interface / Memory for up to 2000 measurements /
Evaluation via the PC with USB connection / Location function
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