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Corona Virus Update (Live)

Updated: Apr 15

India Coronavirus Cases


[+315552] (Total cases increased on 21st April so far)





Dhanbad Cases: 1290

Latest News:

On 21st April total, 3,15,552 new cases recorded in India

On 20th April total, 2,94,115 new cases recorded in India


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID -19) is an acute respiratory disease caused by a novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), transmitted in most instances through respiratory droplets, direct contact with cases, and also through contaminated surfaces/objects. Though the virus survives on environmental surfaces for a varied period of time, it gets easily inactivated by chemical disinfectants. In view of the above, the following guidelines are to be followed, especially in areas reporting COVID-19. For ease of implementation, the guideline divided these areas into

(i) indoor areas,

(ii) outdoor areas, and

(iii) public toilets. ​

1. Indoor areas including office spaces, including conference rooms should be cleaned every evening after office hours or early in the morning before the rooms are occupied. If the contact surface is visibly dirty, it should be cleaned with soap and water prior to disinfection. Prior to cleaning, the worker should wear disposable rubber boots, gloves (heavy duty), and a triple-layer mask. ​

2. Outdoor areas have less risk than indoor areas due to air currents and exposure to sunlight. These include bus stops, railway platforms, parks, roads, etc. Cleaning and disinfection efforts should be targeted to frequently touched/contaminated surfaces as already detailed above. ​

3. Public toilets Sanitary workers must use a separate set of cleaning equipment for toilets (mops, nylon scrubber) and a separate set for sink and commode). They should always wear disposable protective gloves while cleaning a toilet. ​

Covid19 Essential

Sodium Hypochlorite | Surgical Mask | Infrared Thermometer | Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Kit | Hand Gloves


Sodium Hypochlorite Is Among The Widely Consumed Disinfect Due To The Following Reasons:

  • Wide antimicrobial range: it is utilized to dispose of natural issues present in the water.

  • The natural issue, for example, a microorganism, green growth, and so on.

  • Moment activity against microbes: it goes about as an executing specialist for microscopic organisms persevering in water.

  • Diminished to chloride particles causing oxidation: after blending in with water, sodium hypochlorite separates and creates free chlorine particles.

  • In this manner, the chlorination of water happens. It's Reasonable steadiness in treated consumable water.

  • It's the usability and solvency in water.

  • Being a Cheap disinfectant when contrasted with generally disinfectant.

  • The arrangement is non-combustible when presented to air.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 206 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. The day is reset after midnight GMT+0.

As per the WHO Coronavirus malady (COVID19) is an irresistible sickness brought about by a newfound coronavirus.

The greatest contaminated with the COVID-19 infection will meet mellow to direct respiratory ailment and recuperate without requiring extraordinary treatment. More established people and those with basic clinical issues like cardiovascular infection, diabetes, interminable respiratory ailment, and malignancy are bound to create genuine ailment.

The most ideal approach to forestall and hinder transmission is very much educated about the COVID-19 infection, the ailment it causes, and how it spreads. Shield yourself as well as other people from disease by washing your hands or utilizing a liquor based rub much of the time and not contacting your face. The COVID-19 infection spreads basically through beads of spit or release from the nose when a tainted individual hacks or wheezes, so it's significant that you additionally practice respiratory manners (for instance, by hacking into a flexed elbow). As of now, there are no particular antibodies or medicines for COVID-19. In any case, there are many progressing clinical preliminaries assessing potential medicines. WHO will keep on giving refreshed data when clinical discoveries become accessible.

To forestall disease and to slow transmission of COVID-19, do the accompanying:

  • Wash your hands consistently with cleanser and water, or clean them with liquor based hand rub.

  • Keep up at any rate 1-meter separation among you and people hacking or wheezing.

  • Abstain from contacting your face.

  • Spread your mouth and nose when hacking or wheezing.

  • Remain at home on the off-chance that you feel unwell.

  • Shun smoking and different exercises that debilitate the lungs.

  • Practice physical separating by maintaining a strategic distance from pointless travel and avoiding enormous gatherings of people.


COVID-19 infection influences various people in various manners. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and most tainted people will create mellow to direct side effects and recuperate without requiring unique treatment. Individuals who have basic ailments and those more than 60 years of age have a higher danger of creating extreme illness and passing. Basic indications include:

  • fever

  • tiredness

  • dry cough.

Other symptoms include:

  • shortness of breath

  • aches and pains

  • sore throat

  • and not many people will report the runs, queasiness or a runny nose.

Individuals with mellow manifestations who are in any case solid should self-disconnect and contact their clinical supplier or a COVID-19 data line for exhortation on testing and referral. Individuals with fever, hack,

or trouble breathing should call their primary care physician and look for clinical consideration.






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