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Clinical & Diagnostic Reagents 

Dhanbad Instruments supplies a diverse range of analytical instruments and clinical and diagnostic reagents to cater to the ever-increasing demand of hospitals, pathological laboratories, diagnostic centers for the diagnosis of various parameters in blood, urine, etc.

Since these reagents have such significant use, they need to be very Accurate.



Pathology Lab Reagents

Albert stain A solution

Albert stain B solution Alkaline copper solution Bendict's Reagent(Qualitative) Bendict's Reagent (Quantitative)

Biuret Reagent

Biuret Reagent solution Brilliant cresyl blue solution Crystal Violet

Crystal violet stain solution Diazo Reagent A

Diazo Reagent B

Ehrlich's Reagent

Ehrlich's Reagent solution Eosin stain solution (2% WM Esbach's Reagent

EDTA disodium salt

Fehling's Solution No.t Fehling's Solution No.2

Field stain A

Field stain B

Folin Ciocateu's phenol Reagent

Fouchet's Reagent Fuchsin Basic

Gentian violet for microscopy Gentian Violet (alcoholic) solution

Giemsa's stain

Giemsa's solution 

W.B.C.Diluting Fluid Wright's stain 

Gram's iodine stain solution Haematoxlin Monohydrate Haematoxlin (De!afield's) solution

Immersion oil intent's stain Leishman's stain Leishrnan's stain solution Lugol's iodine Mayr's Solution

Methylene blue (aqueous) solution

Million's Reagent

Nessler's Reagent

Nigrosin water solution Pandy's reagent solution Paraffin wax congealing point 58-60 C

Paraffin wax congealing point 60-62 C

Paraffin wax with ceresin, congealing point abt. 60 C Phosphomolybdate acid solution Picric Acid (Saturated Aqueous) Safranine stain solution Rebuffs Reagent Sodium Tungstate 100tow/v Sulphosalicylic acid 20% w/v solution

Topfer's Reagent Trichloroacetic acid AR 20 % w/v

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