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Mining Lab

The element of Mining Technolgy Lab

1. Erection of prop support At the face and incline road Ways.

2. Settings of cog support at junctions.

3. The setting of Cross Bar in the gallery.

4. Withdrawal of supports by Using the Sylvester machine.

5. Demonstration of different Types of permitted Explosives Cartridges.

6. Demonstration of Instantaneous Electric Detonator.

7. Demonstration of delay Detonator used for Shot firing in underground Mines.

8. Demonstration of shot Firing tools.

9. Demonstration of single Shot and multi-shot exploder.

10. Study of different Drill hole patterns used For blasting in stone drifts.

11. Demonstration of Preparation of Priming Cartridge.

12. Demonstration of methods of Charging of holes (Direct & Inverse initiation) for Blasting in Underground Mines.

13. Demonstration of various Shot firing circuits.

14. Detection of misfire Shot and dealing with The misfire.

15. Sketch and Specifications Of explosive magazine.

Mining Geology Laboratory Equipment

1. Identification of Minerals in sets. Colour, Form, Cleavage, Fracture, Luster & Streak using Moh’s scale of hardness.

2. Identification of Minerals on the basis of physical properties in hand specimens.

  • Quartz group

  • Feldspar group

  • Mica group

  • Amphibole group

  • Pyroxene group

  • Feldspathoid group

  • Miscellaneous silicate group

  • Non-silicates

3. Identification of Igneous Rocks in Hand specimen.

4. Identification of sedimentary rocks in Hand specimen.

5. Identification of Metamorphic rocks in Hand specimen.

6. Drawing of Geological section Maps (any ten).

7. Draw profile from contour map along with a given line using available software.

8. Identify the rank of given coal specimen.

9. Identify the structural band of coal specimens.

10. Measure the dip & strike of the inclined plane using the Brunton compass.

11. Measure the hing & axil plane of the fold in the given model.