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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment

Our company supplies, manufactures, and export Mechanical engineering laboratory equipment such as engineering workshop machines, instruments, and tools that include Material testing lab equipment, Fluid mechanics lab equipment, Turbomachinery lab equipment, Thermal engineering lab equipment or IC engine lab equipment, Automobile engineering lab equipment, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning lab equipment, Theory of machine or Dynamics of machine lab equipment. Apart from this, our trained service engineers go to the customer's place and also provide equipment installation and training. Our company facilitates the annual maintenance cost of the goods once the goods are guaranteed. Calibration of all instruments is also available here. Our company facilitates the annual maintenance cost of the goods once the goods are guaranteed. Calibration of all instruments is also available here.

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Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Machinery LAB EQUIPMENT

  • CC, CD, CV Apparatus

  • Notch Tank Apparatus

  • Closed Circuit jet on vanes Apparatus

  • Venturi Meter & Orifice Meter Apparatus

  • Closed Circuit Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus

  • Closed Circuit Reynolds's Apparatus

  • Rota Meter Test Rig

  • Impact of Jet Apparatus

Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments
  • Pipe Friction Apparatus

  • Water Meter Test Rig

  • Minor Losses in Pipe Apparatus

  • Pitot Tube Apparatus

  • Metacentric Height

  • Cavitation Demonstration Apparatus

  • Triangular and Rectangular Notch Apparatus

  • Hydraulic Test Bench Apparatus


  • Window Type Air Conditioner Test Rig

  • Ice Plant Test Rig

  • Air Conditioning Test Rig

  • Cold Storage Test Rig

  • Mechanical Heat Pump Test Rig

  • Air Washer Test Rig

  • Cooling Tower Test Rig

  • Rotary Hermetic Compressor - Cut Section Model

  • Hermetic Compressor - Cut Section Model

  • Refrigeration Test Rig

  • Water Chilling Plant Test Rig

  • Water Cooling Tower Test Rig

  • Computerized Cascade Refrigeration Trainer 

  • Computerized ICE Plant Test Rig

  • Refrigeration Assembly And Maintenance Accessories

  • Open Hermetic Compressor - Cut Section Model



  • Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe Apparatus

  • Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

  • Thermal Conductivity Insulating Powder Apparatus

  • Heat Transfer in Natural Convection

  • Heat Transfer in Forced Convection

  • Heat Transfer from Pin-fin

  • Stefan Boltzman Apparatus

  • Heat Pipe Demonstrator

  • Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Apparatus

  • Natural Convection From Vertical Cylinder Apparatus

  • Parallel Flow/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus

  • Pool Boiling Apparatus

  • Parallel/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

  • Boiling Heat Transfer Unit

  • Drop & Film Condensation

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Unsteady State Heat Transfer Test Rig

  • Plate Type Heat Exchanger

  • Critical heat Flux Apparatus

  • Heat Transfer Through Composite wall

  • Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Apparatus

  • Pin Fin apparatus experiment

  • Forced Convection From Horizontal Cylinder Apparatus

  • Lagged Pipe Apparatus

  • Heat Conduction Apparatus

  • Whirling of Shaft Apparatus

  • Vibration Lab Apparatus

  • Motorized Gyroscope

  • Universal Governor Apparatus

  • Static and Dynamic Apparatus

  • Cam Analysis Apparatus

  • Journal Bearing Apparatus

  • Epicyclic Gear Apparatus

  • Corollis Component of Acceleration

  • Universal Force Table,

  • Link Polygon Apparatus

  • Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus,

  • Polygon of Forces Apparatus

  • Triangle & Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus

  • Law of Conservation of Mass Apparatus

  • Parallel Forces Apparatus (Tubular Spring Balance)

  • Bell Crank Lever On Angle Iron Base

  • Cranked Compound Lever

  • Moment's Disc Apparatus

  • Law of Moment's Apparatus

  • Cantilever Beam Apparatus

  • Jointed Roof Truss On Wheels

  • Compound Screw Jack

  • Deflection of Beam Apparatus

  • Bending of Beam Apparatus

  • Shear Force Apparatus

  • Bending Moment Apparatus

  • Bending Moment Apparatus

  • Simple Jib Crane

  • Geared Jib Crane

  • Friction Slide Apparatus

  • Combined Inclined Plane And Friction Slide

  • Combined Coil And Flat Belt Friction Apparatus

  • Rope Brake And Dynamometer

  • Prony Brake Dynamometer

  • Compound Wheel And Axel 35

  • Wheel and Differential Axle 20cm Dia

  • Winch Crab Single Purchase

  • Winch Crab Double Purchase

  • Worm and Worm Wheel

  • Screw Jack

  • Hook's Law Apparatus

  • Young's Modulus Apparatus Searle

  • Torsion Apparatus Clamp Patter

  • Torsion Apparatus Clamp Pattern

  • Second Law of Motion Apparatus

  • Simple Pendulum

  • Stresses in Beam Apparatus


Automobile Engineering LAB EQUIPMENT

  • Cut Section Four Stroke Single Cylinder

  • Cut Section Two Stroke Single Cylinder

  • Cut Section Model of Steering Gear Box

  • Cut Section Model of Steering Gear Box (working) with wheel and axle

  • Cut Section Model Jeep with Stub Axle

  • Cut Section Differential and Rear wheel

  • Cut Section Model of Semi Floating Deferential and wheel Mechanism

  • Cut Section Model of Mechanical Brake System

  • Cut Section Model of Air Brake System Model of Air Brake System

  • Cut Section Model of Hydraulic Brake Unit four Wheel Type

  • Cut Section Model of Drum Brake Unit

  • Cut Section Model of Disc Brake System

  • Model of Hydraulic Braking System with vacuum Booster

  • Cut Section Model of Disc Brake System Two Wheeler

  • Valve Timing Diagram

  • Port Timing Diagram



  • Lathe Machine

  • Milling Machine

  • Pillar Drill Machine

  • Welding Machine

  • Wooden Lathe Machine

  • Grinding Machine

  • Radial Drill Machine

  • Shearing Machine

  • CNC Lathe Machine

  • CNC Drilling Machine

  • Taparia Hand Tools

  • JK Hand Tools

  • Bench Vice

  • Bench Drill Machine

  • Grinding Machine

  • Pillar Drill Machine

  • Slotting Machine

  • Hammer

  • C-Clamp

  • Carpenter Workshop Tools

  • Welder Workshop Tools

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