Magnetic Stirrer

A magnetic stirrer or magnetic stir plate is commonly used in laboratories to ensure liquid samples are homogeneous in consistency and temperature. A magnetic stirrer can use magnetic stirrer bars or inductive agitators to complete the mixing process. A magnetic stirrer ensures proper mixing that can boost sensor response time, allowing measuring instruments to achieve stable readings more quickly. Therefore, a magnetic stirrer is an ideal tool for use in laboratories for research and quality control applications.

Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt Ltd offers a number of magnetic stirrer products with single or multiple stirring points. A multi-position magnetic stirrer allows several beakers to be stirred simultaneously, saving valuable time by allowing for multitasking. Different magnetic stirrer models offer different stirring speed ranges. Most magnetic stirrer products feature variably adjustable revolutions per minute (rpm).

Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 110
The inductive magnetic stirrer PCE-MSR-110, is a flat, space-saving laboratory magnetic stirrer. Due to the induction-based operation, a quiet operation and a flat design of the stirrer are made possible.

- Maximum stirring volume: 800 ml / 0.21 gallon based on water
- Flat construction
- Silent and wear-free drive
- Timer
- Agitator in stainless steel IP 65
- 1 stirring position Ø 94 mm / 3.7"
- Variably adjustable 15 - 1500 rpm
Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 150
The magnetic stirrer PCE-MSR 150 is suitable for volumes up to 10 liters. The magnetic stirrer has an adjustable speed range of 200 ... 2200 rpm. The speed can be changed step by step in 10 rpm. You can buy the magnetic stirrer PCE-MSR 150 here in our online shop.

- Drive of the stirring points: Motor
- Max. Stirring quantity: 10 l
- Adjustable speed: 200 ... 2200 rpm
- Accuracy Speed: ± 20 rpm
- Recommended length of the stirring rod: 25 ... 60 mm / 1 x 2.4 in
Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 300
Magnetic PCE-MSR 300 with a large display and ability to set temperature, stirring speed and time. The adjusted data can be read directly on the display of the magnetic stirrer.

- Stirring capacity: 2 liters
- Stirring speed: 0 ... 1250 rpm
- Temperature range: 20 ... 300°C / 68 ... 572°F
- Timer: 0 ... 999 min
Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 350
Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 450
The magnetic stirrer PCE-MSR 450 is a stirring instrument for up to 20 liters. The speed of the magnetic stirrer can be adjusted. It is possible to set speeds between 200 and 2200 revolutions per minute.

- Motor: brushless DC motor (BLDC)
- Number of stirring points: 1
- Maximum stirring volume: 20 l
- Speed range: 200 ... 2200 rpm (adjustable)
- Accuracy: +/- 1 rpm
Multiposition Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 405
The laboratory stirrer PCE-MSR 405 is equipped with a heater. Thus, the laboratory stirrer with heating, liquids can heat up to 120°C / 248°F and mix or stir at the same time. The laboratory stirrer PCE-405 with heating has 5 stirring points, so that several liquids can be stirred simultaneously in the laboratory during a test.

- Number of stirring points 5
- Max. Stirring quantity: 2000 ml
- Adjustable up to 1500 rpm
- Maximum 120°C / 248°F
Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 50
The mini magnetic stirrer PCE-MSR 50 is suitable for applications in small laboratories. The mini magnetic stirrer can safely mix stirring quantities of 100 ... 1000 ml.

- Drive of the stirring points: Motorised
- Max. stirring quantity: 100 ... 1000 ml
- Adjustable speed: 0 ... 1600 rpm
- Stirring surface: Ø 88 mm
Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 100
PCE-MSR 100 is a magnetic stirrer or magnetic stir plate commonly used in laboratories to ensure liquid samples are homogeneous in consistency and temperature. Proper mixing also boosts sensor response time, allowing measuring instruments to achieve stable readings more quickly.

- Maximum stirring volume: 2 Liters (L) ≈ 0.52 gallon
- Adjustable stirring speeds: 0 ... 1250 rpm
- Includes one magnetic stirrer bar
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Magnetic Stirrer PCE-MSR 50

The mini magnetic stirrer PCE-MSR 50 is suitable for applications in small laboratories. The mini magnetic stirrer can safely mix stirring quantities of 100 ... 1000 ml. - Drive of the stirring points: Motorised - Max. stirring quantity: 100 ... 1000 ml - Adjustable speed: 0 ... 1600 rpm - Stirring surface: Ø 88 mm

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