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Laboratory Equipment

Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt Ltd is focused on the advancement, assembling, deals, and supply of proficient instructive research center gear, scientific instruments, laboratory equipment, test and measurement instruments for showing ideas of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering,  Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, and so on for building universities, polytechnic schools, ITI tools supplier, universities, and schools. What's more, Dhanbad Lab Instruments has constructed solid associations with colleges and research institutes to give a lot more extensive item extend so as to meet all client necessities. 

We are a laboratory equipment supplier, high school science lab equipment & ITI tools supplier, and the main suppliers of Glassware, Chemicals, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab Equipment, Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, and Analytical Instruments for Engineering College lab, Life science, Research, Medical, and Industrial labs over the globe. Our expansive extent of things joins Autoclaves, Laboratory Balances, Laboratory Centrifuges, Homogenizers, Laboratory Furnaces, Laboratory Incubators, Laboratory Shakers and 3-D Rockers, Microplate Readers and Washers, Mixers, and Vortexers, Sample Concentrator, Spectrophotometers, Laboratory Ware, Glass Beakers, Test Tubes, Laboratory Flasks, Flowmeters, and Temperature Indicators. and so on. For the arrangement of uses.


We give premium quality Laboratory things and arrangements sponsorship to our regarded customers. We observe demanding standards and understandings in amassing, system, and scattering to ensure that singular the quality assessment thing is passed on close to the end.

Laboratory Equipment
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