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Industrial Borescope MD-SVS Series

Industrial Borescope MD-SVS Series
Order No: MD-SVS Series



The endoscope cable on the industrial borescope is 1.5 m / 1.2 m / 2 m in length. This inspection camera has a very tiny diameter, measuring just 2 mm / 2.8 mm / 4 mm, making it possible to observe even the most difficult-to-reach cavities. The inspection camera has four different orientations in which the camera head may move freely. The high-resolution display offered by the inspection camera provides a clear picture of cavities and other difficult-to-access areas, which is very helpful when doing maintenance on machines like engines and turbines. The resolution of the camera that may be moved around is 400 by 400 pixels. The field of vision is 80 degrees, which means that even when the inspection camera is held at a reasonably close distance to the thing that has to be examined, it is still capable of capturing quite large photos. It is possible to save every recording made by the inspection camera as either an image or a video. This assists in accurately documenting any damage to the components.

The inspection camera comes standard with a Li-Ion battery, but it also has the capability of being used with an external power pack if desired. IP58 refers to the level of protection that is provided by the camera cable. Because of this, the inspection camera can be used in industrial settings that are hard and demanding.

General information about the inspection camera is as follows:

Philipp Bozzini, a German physician, invented the inspection camera in 1806. It was first used for the purpose of medical diagnosis. The very first iteration was inflexible, and a candle was used as the source of light. As a result of continuous innovation and improvement over the course of many years, the inspection camera has evolved into an indispensable tool in a wide variety of contexts. It is possible to insert micro-tools via built-in channels, which transforms the inspection camera into a multipurpose tool and allows operations to be performed in regions that are difficult to reach. Medicine is still a highly significant field of application for these types of technologies.

The technical field is an additional very important field of application for the inspection camera. Whether it be in the automotive industry for the purpose of inspecting engines, in the sanitary field for the purpose of inspecting drains, or in the building protection field for the purpose of inspecting houses for pests, the inspection camera is essential in all of these fields of application. The wide variety of inspection cameras that can now be purchased on the market is largely responsible for the product's widespread adoption. The two most common kinds are called rigid inspection cameras and flexible inspection cameras. 


  • 2 mm / 2.8 mm / 4 mm camera head (Can be Customized)

  • 1.5 m / 1.2 m / 2 m endoscope cable (Can be Customized)

  • 4-way camera

  • 5" monitor

  • Image and video memory

  • IP58 camera cable

  • 400 x 400 pixel image resolution

  • 5 - 50 mm focus distance



Cable / head diameter                                             2 mm / 2.8 mm / 4 mm (Can be Customized)

The direction of movement camera head                     4-way

Length of camera head                                            8 mm

Bending radius                                                          7 mm

Camera head material                                             Titanium alloy

Camera lens material                                               Glass

Perspective                                                                80° - 90° (Can be Customized)

Line of sight                                                               0°

Focus area                                                                 5 ... 50 mm

Image sensor                                                            1/18" colour

Resolution                                                                  160000 pixels

Refresh rate                                                               30 Hz

Endoscope cable length                                           1.5 m / 1.2 m / 2 m (Can be Customized)

Endoscope cable material                                       Tungsten

Degree of protection endoscope cable                   IP58

Operating conditions                                                Main unit: 0 - 45°C / 32 ... 113°F, 15 - 90% rH

 Cable:                                                                        0 - 60°C / 32 - 140°F

Display                                                                       LCD 5" 16: 9 display

Interface                                                                    Micro USB

Video output                                                              HDMI

Storage                                                                      SDHC memory card up to 64 GB

Power supply                                                            Li-ion battery 3350-mAh

                                                                                   5V power supply

Dimensions                                                              33.5 x 14.5 x 8 cm

Weight                                                                      Approx. 700 g / 1.5 lbs

Delivery Scope

1 x Industrial borescope 
1 x Power supply including charger
1 x Carrying case
1 x Card reader
1 x Memory card
2 x Li-ion batteries
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Cleaning set
1 x Operating instructions

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