Gloss Meter

A gloss meter measures the gloss units of painted, covered, and sparkly surfaces normally from 20°, 60°, and 85° intelligent edges. While picking the correct plot for gloss measurement, it is essential to consider the surface gloss range. Shine meters can be utilized on smooth, treated, or untreated surfaces, for example, stone, wood, overlay, ground surface, and the sky is the limit from there. Along these lines, a gloss meter is a flexible estimating gadget that is utilized in a wide assortment of commonsense applications. 

There are various geometries accessible for gleam estimation, every one of which is subject to the kind of surface to be estimated. The measure of reflected light for nonmetals, for example, coatings and plastics increments with a more noteworthy point of enlightenment, as some light enters the surface material and is retained into it or diffused distinctively relying upon its shading Are finished. Metals have high reflectance and are along these lines less precise ward. 


A few worldwide specialized principles are accessible that characterize the strategy for use and particulars of the different sorts of gleam meter used on a wide assortment of materials, including paint, earthenware production, paper, metals, and plastics. Many enterprises use shine meters in their quality control to quantify the gloss of items to guarantee consistency in their assembling forms. The car business is a significant client of sparkle meters, with applications running from manufacturing plant floor to the mechanics' shop. 

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Gloss Meter PCE-GM 60Plus
Gloss Meter PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA for non-stationary use / Measurement up to 200 gloss points / 60° Measurement geometry / 3.5" TFT display / short measuring time of 0.5 seconds
Gloss Meter PCE-RM 100
PCE-RM 100 Gloss meter for Opacity
Reflectometer for determining the reflection of surfaces / Easy handling / Including calibration standard
Gloss Meter PCE-GM 75
Surface testing for curvy and small surfaces / Data memory for 1,245 readings / Measuring geometry 60° / Evaluation also possible without additional software / One-key operation / Calibration standard included
Gloss Meter PCE-IGM 60
Gloss meter for use in quality and incoming goods control /
60° measurement geometry / 3.5" TFT display / Fast measurement time /
Internal data memory / Including evaluation software
Gloss Meter PCE-PGM 100
Gloss meter for mobile use / Flexibility due to various measuring geometries /
3.5 " TFT display / Very short measuring time / Internal memory for readings /
Including evaluation software
Gloss Meter PCE-GM 100-ICA
For determining gloss and specular gloss with measurement
points of 20º, 60º and 85º (selectable)
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