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Electrical Engineering

Power System, Switchgear & Protective Lab Instrument

  • CC, CD, CV Apparatus

  • Notch Tank Apparatus

  • Closed Circuit jet on vanes Apparatus

  • Venturi Meter & Orifice Meter

  • Closed Circuit Bernoulli's Theorem

  • Closed Circuit Reynolds's Apparatus

  • Rota Meter Test Rig

  • Pipe Friction Apparatus

  • Water Meter Test Rig

  • Minor Losses Apparatus

  • Pitot Tube Apparatus

  • Metacentric Height

Electrical Engineering Lab


  • Window Type Air Conditioner Test Rig

  • Ice Plant Test Rig

  • Air Conditioning Test Rig

  • Cold Storage Test Rig

  • Mechanical Heat Pump Test Rig

  • Air Washer Test Rig

  • Cooling Tower Test Rig

  • Refrigeration Test Rig


  • Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

  • Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

  • Thermal Conductivity Insulating Powder

  • Heat Transfer in Natural Convection

  • Heat Transfer in Forced Convection

  • Heat Transfer from Pin-fin

  • Stefan Boltzman Apparatus

  • Critical heat Flux Apparatus

  • Heat Pipe Demonstrator

  • Heat Transfer Through Composite wall

  • Parallel/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

  • Boiling Heat Transfer Unit

  • Drop & Film Condensation

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Unsteady State Heat Transfer Test Rig

  • Plate Type Heat Exchanger


  • Whirling of Shaft Apparatus

  • Vibration Lab Apparatus

  • Motorized Gyroscope

  • Universal Governor Apparatus

  • Static and Dynamic Apparatus

  • Cam Analysis Apparatus

  • Journal Bearing Apparatus

  • Epicylic Gear Apparatus

  • Corollis Component of Acceleration


  • Cut Section Four Stroke Single Cylinder

  • Cut Section Two Stroke Single Cylinder

  • Cut Section Model of Steering Gear Box

  • Cut Section Model of Steering Gear Box (working) with wheel and axle

  • Cut Section Model Jeep with Stub Axle

  • Cut Section Differential and Rear wheel

  • Cut Section Model of Semi Floating Deferential and wheel Mechanism

  • Cut Section Model of Mechanical Brake System

  • Cut Section Model of Air Brake System Model of Air Brake System

  • Cut Section Model of Hydraulic Brake Unit four Wheel Type

  • Cut Section Model of Drum Brake Unit

  • Cut Section Model of Disc Brake System

  • Model of Hydraulic Braking System with vacuum Booster

  • Cut Section Model of Disc Brake System Two Wheeler

  • Valve Timing Diagram

  • Port Timing Diagram


  • Lathe Machine

  • Milling Machine

  • Pillar Drill Machine

  • Welding Machine

  • Wooden Lathe Machine

  • Grinding Machine

  • Radial Drill Machine

  • Shearing Machine

  • CNC Lathe Machine

  • CNC Drilling Machine

  • Taparia Hand Tools

  • JK Hand Tools

  • Bench Vice


  • Single Cylinder 2 Stroke Petrol Engine

  • Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine

  • Multi-Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine

  • Single Cylinder Variable Compression 

  • Single Cylinder 4 Stroke water-cooled 

  • Four Stroke Slow Speed Diesel Engine 

  • Twin Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine 

  • Multi-Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine 

  • Reciprocating Air Compressor

  • Variable Speed Air Blower Test Rig