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Electronics & Communication Engineering

​Basic Electronics Lab Training Modules

We have an array of Electronics Lab Training Modules. In order to meet the diverse requirements of the customers, these products are manufactured under the direction of engineers who have vast experience in this field. Our products are widely admired for exceptional performance, simplicity of use, durability and easy installation.

  • Transistor Characteristics Trainer

  • PN Junction Diode Characteristics Apparatus

  • Zener Diode VI Characteristics Trainer

  • FET Characteristics Trainer

  • Zener Diode Voltage Stabilization Characteristics Trainer

  • Basic thyristors (SCR, DAIC, TRAIC, UJT) Characteristics Trainer

  • MOSFET Characteristics Trainer

  • Rectifier Trainer Kit

  • Clipping and Clamping Circuit Apparatus

  • Measurement Of Peak, Average And Rms Value Of Ac Signal

  • Voltage Regulation Using Zener Diode And Transistors Trainer

  • Diode Valve Characteristics Apparatus with Two Analog Round Meters

  • Triode Valve Characteristics Apparatus with Three Analog Round Meters

  • Analog Lab Trainer (with Bread Board)

Lab Equipment for Following Lab

  • Analog Communication Laboratory: This laboratory equipment consists of CRO, SMPS and various experimental blocks help in the study of AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PAM, PWM, TDM, FDM, etc.

  • Analog Electronics Laboratory: This laboratory is specially designed to enhance the capability of students for designing basic analog. Like oscillators multivibrators, amplifiers,  etc.

  • Digital Electronics Lab: This laboratory consists of various trainer kits of discrete components and IC’s, commonly used in industries.

  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab: In this laboratory students get their first exposure on the programming of basic microprocessors kits like 8085, 8086. Also applications like interfacing many peripheral elements like display, motor, etc.   can be done via various up tool bits.

  • Digital Signal/Image Processing Lab: This laboratory basically consists of various DSP and DIP kits to perform various experiments using software like Matlab, NI LabVIEW, CCS, etc. 

  • Antenna Lab: This laboratory equipment consists of manual and motorized antenna kits are available to observe radiation patterns and other antenna parameters of different types of antennas.

  • Telecom switching Lab: This laboratory consists of various trainer kits for telecom switching like ISDN trainer kit etc. 

  • Network Lab: This laboratory consists of trainer kits like Two-port network parameters such as z-parameter, y-parameter, etc. 

  • Microwave Lab: This laboratory consists of microwave test benches, Gunn Diode Based Compact Microwave Training Kit, Klystron Based Compact Microwave Training Kit, Dielectric Constant & Phase Shift Measurement Microwave Trainer, Faraday’s Rotation apparatus, Radiation Pattern Microwave Bench, Klystron Based Microwave Bench, Gunn Diode Based Microwave Bench, etc. 

  • Communication Lab: This laboratory consists trainer kits of Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation, Frequency Modulation and Demodulation, Pulse amplitude modulation and demodulation, Pulse Width Modulation And Demodulation, Pulse Position Modulation And Demodulation, PAM, PPM, PWM Modulation, And Demodulation, Frequency Shift Keying Modulation And Demodulation, Phase Shift Keying Modulation And Demodulation, Pulse Code Modulation And Demodulation, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation And Demodulation (QAM), Frequency Division Multiplexer And Demultiplexer (FDM), etc.