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A multimeter or digital multimeter (DMM) is a gadget that gives a few sorts of estimations inside an instrument. DMM utilizes a more precise and lucid computerized yield than a simple arrangement. Without utilizing DMM to rapidly quantify live voltages and flows, there is a danger of horrendous stun that can likewise be deadly. Accordingly, it represents a genuine security danger. 

We offer a genuine RMS digital multimeter that has manual or programmed go winnow and with or without an RS-232 interface for moving information to a PC. The comparing test links for the digital multimeter accompany the invention just as batteries with the goal that it is yare to use straight out the container. The digital multimeter can be joined by an ISO alignment testament either when it is injunctively approved or included as a part of a yearly recalibration. 


Present-day multimeters are frequently digital because of their exactness, solidness, and extra highlights. In an advanced multimeter, the sign under test is changed over into a voltage and sign to a speaker with electronically-controlled addition. A digital multimeter shows the amount estimated as a number, which dispenses with parallax mistakes.

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Digital Multimeter PCE-PI 10
The digital multimeter PCE-PI 10 is used to determine the direction of rotation of 3-phase voltage networks. Furthermore, the digital multimeter is able to measure voltages up to 600V AC / DC. The rotating field direction is important for machines and plants.
Digital Multimeter PCE-DM 15
The Digital Multimeter is a multimeter with extensive functions. In addition to the current and voltage resistance measurements, this Digital Multimeter can also be used to measure continuity and temperature with thermocouples.
Digital Multimeter-DM 4
The digital multimeter has many functions. In addition to voltage measurement up to 1000V, the digital multimeter measuring device can also measure currents directly up to 20 A. This means that this digital multimeter can also measure larger currents compared to other multimeters.
Digital Multimeter PCE-DM 5
The digital multimeter is a multimeter with a compact design. Because of its small design, the extensive functions of the digital multimeter are not recognizable at first glance.
Digital Multimeter PCE-ITM 20
This digital multimeter PCE-ITM 20 combines a versatile multimeter with an insulation tester. In addition to the usual measured quantities such as voltage, current and resistance, this digital multimeter PCE-ITM 20 is also equipped with a frequency and capacitance measurement.
Digital Multimeter PCE-LT 15
The digital multimeter PCE-LT 15 is a combination device which detects configuration errors in the network and can be used as a digital multimeter at the same time. Thus, the periphery of a network can be quickly checked with the LAN tester.
Multifunction Digital Multimeter PCE
PCE-EM 886 is a portable handheld multifunctional digital device used to measure sound, light, humidity, temperature, AC / DC current, electrical resistance, capacitance and frequency.
Digital Multimeter PCE-BMM 10
This PCE-BMM 10 digital multimeter is equipped for mobile as well as stationary operation. The digital multimeter PCE-BMM 10 can be used with mains voltage (AC power adapter) as well as in battery mode as supply voltage. A large range of functions of the measuring ranges leaves hardly anything to be desired.
Digital Multimeter PCE-MCA 50
The digital multimeter PCE-MCA 50 is intended for calibration and maintenance. This digital multimeter PCE-MCA 50 enables the measurement and simulation of electrical quantities. Due to the battery operation, the digital multimeter PCE-MCA 50 can be used in different locations.
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