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Dhanbad Consultancy Services (DCS)

Calibration Services

Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt Ltd understand that customers don’t just need a calibration certificate from any certified laboratory; they need support to validate, verify, and ensure that their Testing and Measuring Equipment give credible results.

We take responsibility for helping and supporting our customers to effectively use the results from their calibration or testing report to make decisions that will help their teams and companies to improve.

With more than 07 years of experience in giving services for the calibration in industry, we are privileged to be servicing your products with utmost integrity, reliability, professional and traceable calibration to enhance your business.  


We fulfill the following conditions:

  • References that are traceable to national or international standards. These are calibrated annually.

  • A detailed description of the measuring method and if applicable the used standard/guideline

  • A warm-up time of at least 4h in the calibration laboratory

  • The ambient conditions are documented

  • Verification of the measurement results using the dual control principle

  • Evaluation of the measured values on the basis of the specified manufacturer tolerances

Calibrate your all testing instruments.
We Calibrate your all testing instruments.
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