Concrete Moisture Meter

Dhanbad Lab Instruments' concrete moisture meter products are used to determine absolute moisture in different construction and building materials. With the help of a concrete moisture meter, you can measure moisture in concrete floor coverings, slabs, beams, and more. A concrete moisture meter can take either destructive or non-destructive measurements, depending on the type of measuring principle and sensor.

Many concrete moisture meter devices are impact resistant and feature automatic temperature compensation. Concrete moisture meters evolved from wood moisture meters, so many concrete moisture meters are multifunctional tools that can be used when working with wood materials such as lumber, window frames, slats, plywood, panels, wood conglomerates, and rolled products.

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Concrete Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 2
PCE-PMI 2 is a nondestructive concrete moisture meter or dampness instrument that measures the moisture content of concrete and other building materials. It offers many preset characteristic curves based on alternative material densities. This digital moisture device gives quick and accurate moisture measurement without causing any damage to the test material.

- Offers high-frequency penetration up to 50 mm / 1.96 inches in depth
- Features an alarm function when exceeding threshold levels
Concrete Moisture Meter following CM Met
The PCE-PMI 3 concrete moisture meter is a small and reliable measuring instrument for the determination of existing moisture in, for example, concrete and wood. Corresponding scales for measuring moisture are already stored in the library of the concrete moisture meter.
- Relative scale: 0.0 ... 99.9%
- Accuracy: ± 0.5%
- Resolution: 0.1%
- For measurements on wood and concrete
- Individually adjustable alarm limits
Concrete Moisture Meter PCE-WP21
PCE-WP21 is a concrete absolute moisture meter used to perform noninvasive, nondestructive moisture measurements of concrete construction and building materials. An ideal tool for assessing the drying and curing of concrete slabs, footings, foundations, floors and more, this moisture meter uses electromagnetic waves that penetrate approximately 50 mm / 1.96 inches deep to return a mean-value moisture content percentage.

- Moisture content measuring range: 1% ... 8%
- Resolution: 0.1%
- Accurac
Concrete Moisture Meter PCE-PMI 4
The concrete moisture meter is a measuring device for nondestructive moisture measurement on concrete and screed. Here, the spring electrodes of the concrete moisture meter are pressed onto the surface to be tested. Within seconds, the concrete moisture meter will show the moisture content to the operator.

- Relative scale: 0 ... 100%
- Accuracy: ± 0.5%
- Resolution: 0.1%
- For measuring the moisture in concrete and screed
- Numeric and graphical view
- Eight spring electrodes are used for the
Multifunction Concrete Moisture Meter PC
PCE-HGP is a multifunction moisture tester for wood that uses penetrating pins to measure the moisture content of wood and other construction or building materials. PCE-HGP also measures the relative humidity (RH) and ambient temperature and calculates the dew point temperature of the air.

- Material moisture measuring range: 6% ... 60%
- RH measuring range: 0% ... 100%
- Air temp. measuring range: -5 ... 50ºC / 23 ... 122ºF
- Dew point temp. measuring range: -9 ... 50ºC / 16 ... 122ºF
- Meas
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