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Our brands live at the heart of all Testing Laboratories

Our Brands

Dhanbad Lab Instruments is an authorized distributor of PCE Instruments India. PCE Instruments (PCE) is an international supplier of test instruments, tools, and equipment for measuring, analytical instruments, weighing, and control systems. Founded by German engineers nearly two decades ago, PCE offers more than 500 test instruments with applications in industrial engineering and process control, manufacturing quality assurance, scientific research, trade industries, and beyond. PCE’s large test instrument portfolio includes handheld, desktop, portable or fixed-installation sensors, meters, gauges, scales, analyzers, detectors, data loggers, and inspection cameras branded by PCE and other first-class manufacturers from around the globe.


Diametral are manufacturers of equipment for electrical laboratories, research and development centers, production, and repair workplaces. For education, Diametral supply professional electrotechnical classrooms and workshops for teaching electrical engineering and electronics.

All solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers.
Diametral range of products consists of separate table instruments, laboratory furniture, and educational electrical equipment.

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Dhanbad Lab Instruments is an authorised distributor of Sato Keiryoki, Japan in India. 

Sato Keiryoki Mfg was established in 1951 as a manufacturer of glass thermometers. Since then, they have been expanding the product range and become leading manufacturer in mechanical thermometers, electrical measuring instruments and meteorological instruments.


Humidity is Sato's specialty. Using resistance change electric sensor, human hair bundle, synthetic hair bundle and coil, hygrometers for various applications can be produced. 


Dhanbad Lab Instruments is an authorized distributor of Triplett India. For over a century, U.S.-based Triplett Test Equipment continues to be on the leading edge of specialized testers. Whether supplying vital test equipment to the U.S. Signal Corps during WWII, or providing the railroad industry with essential testers to ensure the safety of their crews and the public, Triplett prides itself in developing innovative, reliable, and durable test equipment for every technician–that also won’t break the bank.

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Dhanbad Lab Instruments is an authorized distributor of Trotec India. Professional measurement technology for industrial applications, air conditioning, refrigeration and environmental technology, food, and indoor air quality, distances, areas, and volumes, for line and leak detection, detection, inspection, humidity, and volume flow.

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