who WE are

About Us: Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt Ltd is established by a very experienced and knowledgeable professional. The real objective of this company is to provide the best products to its customers at a reasonable price and to provide better service while guaranteeing the products and even after the guarantee.


Our Story

Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt Ltd began its excursion in 2012. Prior to the beginning of the organization, our CEO was employed as a showcasing proficient for technical products in a decent organization.

After years in the technical sales industry, we realized that it was impossible for the average college to build its own lab. Traditional services were only complex, time-consuming, and expensive to manage.

We offer a range of laboratory equipment, analytical instruments, measuring instruments, chemicals, and hand tools at up to half the price of other suppliers. The ranges include:

Our products are of the highest quality, and for your reassurance, are all covered by the Dhanbad Lab Instrument quality guarantee program.

Today we're are proud to have more than 5000 products and we proudly established schools, medical and engineering colleges lab, automate industries, solving analytical requirements of research labs, and many more.